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Hello friend My name is Ashish Ranjan. My age is just 18 years. I currently study in class 12th. I am from Bihar I enjoy the great pleasure of blogging. I also read blogging as well. This is my blog, which I tell you about mixed with technology and let me tell about new mobile gagets, Tech news, earn money, blogging, Seo, php script and themes.

Since then I was very interested in computers and the Internet, I used to play internet and online games with computers all day and I was not interested in studies as much as in computer and online games. When I used to play games in online computer, I used to be a Kharata, even though I used to remember my mother, I still did not believe it. When I went to the 10th class, I came to know about this blogging, so I used to do blogging along with my studies at the same time. I did not know much about blogging at the beginning. Then, seeing the online courses, I started blogging I got to know about and I created a blog on my own free domain and posted it on it but I did not see any advantage in the beginning, I still do not lose In thought and new – wrote the new article and my Surrey article on people was my post ranks came I became very Khus and I be then and blogs created by people you know. And one of the same blogs is my blog that I work with

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